No closets? No problem!

When you live in NYC, you find creative ways to deal with the issue of inadequate closet space. One such way is by farming out wardrobe storage to places like City Closet. There was a time when I whined about having to pay almost as much as my rent to just park my car. But times change and now I don’t even blink at shelling out $50/month to park my closet.

I signed up with City Closet last Spring after 5+ years of struggling in vein to accommodate the wardrobes of two people into the mortgaged shoe box we call home. I finally gave up. I know I only have myself to blame. I know I don’t really need 4 winter coats or 6 pairs of New Balance sneakers or 5 pairs of Merrell loafers or 3 pairs of Hush Puppies or 17 backpacks or 30 pairs of jeans or… well you get the picture. But I WANT those things and if it means paying fifty bucks a month to store half of them someplace else for part of the year, so be it. When you live in NYC, you also find ways to justify the silliest of things to yourself.

This weekend City Closet will bring my warm, snuggly sweaters and boots back to me and I will pack my shorts, sandals and sleeveless shirts away in the cedar closet on wheels they will call home for the next 6 months.

For the record, as much as I love the concept behind City Closet, I can’t really recommend the company as a whole. My customer service experiences with them have been pretty lousy actually, from the word go. I’d go into more detail, but I can’t risk my suede coat being returned to me with “bitch” spray painted across the back :)

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