I got from close to the tip of Cape Cod back to the NYC city limits in four and a half hours yesterday — pretty good time, even for a leadfooted Jersey girl (and really good when you factor in how many times I had to stop to REPAIR MY CAR’S FRONT BUMPER WITH CHEWING GUM, and sadly, that is no kind of exaggeration at all, there’s the better part of an economy pack of Trident Original Flavor holding that bitch on right now, ARGH, fucking Jetta, ANYWAY).
From the edge of the Bronx to my house? Another TWO HOURS, and that’s AFTER I bailed out on the BQE at Atlantic Avenue and took 4th Avenue south to my happy home in Dykerhurst or whatever the hell they’re calling this neighborhood now.
Whatever. Regardless. That is INSANE to me, that on a Wednesday at 3:30 PM, it takes me two hours to go seven miles. And I don’t get it. Does rush hour start at 2 PM now? Do New Yorkers not know how to drive in the rain? (Actually, anecdotal evidence suggests that this is true, which I don’t get, since we get more rainy days than Seattle. People, it’s a little water. Cope.) Did everyone else have the same “sneak back into the city on a weekday” post-vacay idea I did? Or are there just too many damn cars on the road these days?
I love my car, don’t get me wrong. Okay, I don’t love my actual car. My actual car is an abusive shitpile. I love *having* a car, because…Jersey girl, that’s how we do. But I think we need some kind of legislation, or restrictions, or driver day rationing (like, if you have a MWF card, you can’t drive on Thursdays), or something, to force people to take public transit, because it seems to me as though traffic is getting noticeably worse, just in the past few months, and do not get me started on the insane clown double-parking in Brooklyn because ACK. I think there are just too many cars in NYC, and I think we need, I don’t know, a lottery or something to see who gets to have a car here, and if I lose on that, well, okay, the Jetta goes to Jersey and stays there, but it’s becoming a big problem.
If anyone else is seeing an increase in traffic/driver stupidity lately — or is seeing the opposite — please comment, but it’s getting worse from my perspective, and my friends with bikes report that it’s getting worse too.
Also, if this post made you want to ditch your auto, consider giving it to charity. It’s a sweet write-off; I’d do it myself but I think the car is supposed to actually HELP people, which mine wouldn’t. Because HATE.

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  1. dana bushman... (unregistered) on September 14th, 2004 @ 3:50 am

    In the early afternoon on Friday I spent plenty of time that I will never get back on the BQE between the Verrazano and Williamsburg. The completely tragic part about this was that I was on my way back from one of the rings of hells (aka Ikea in Elizabeth–please don’t ask me why) and there is something incredibly wrong with the world when you can get in and out of Ikea in less than 45 minutes but it takes you twice that amount of time to get home. The upside is I got a nice piece of furniture made by a company with two umlauts in its name. Umlauts rock!

  2. Sarah D. Bunting (unregistered) on September 14th, 2004 @ 7:11 am

    Yeah, I’ve done hard time on that stretch. Average time from my house in the ‘hurst to my bro’s in Bushwick? 45 minutes. To go five miles. That is some bullshit right there. Finish the goddamn construction, City of New York.

  3. (unregistered) on September 16th, 2004 @ 5:54 am

    I’ve decided to sell my car due to it’s too freaking expensive to keep in the city and my parents are sick of keeping it in their driveway in White Plains. I’m heart broken. I feel your pain but encourage you to sell as well.
    Or give to charity which is a lovely gesture.

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