Dateline: 34th Street

I trucked up to the old neighborhood, Murray Hill, today to run errands. A few things I saw and heard:
1. The cops lining 34th Street all looked about 20 years old.
2. I went to a coffee shop on 30th to try to do a bit of work, and got sucked into a conversation with the San Franciscans at the next table; initially, they were annoying me with this Beckettian conversation about brioche that seriously Would Not End, but then they started trash-talking W., and a local chimed in, and then he and the SFers and a Quebecois and I were all sitting around with lattes, bitching about Giuliani’s speech.
3. Next stop, Macdougal Ale House, and I decide to walk. The streets seem remarkably deserted, even for the week before Labor Day, and I kid you not, EVERY conversation I overhear on the street is about the current administration and NONE of them is flattering to said administration.
4. I’m buying smokes on Bleecker and a guy is panhandling outside the deli. [cup rattle] “Donate to the Buy Bush A Clue Fund!” Hee.
5. Riding home on the D train, a guy is taking pictures of the moon out the window.
Greatest city in the world, and starting tomorrow, it’s ours again. If you haven’t registered to vote, please do so first thing tomorrow. It’s important.

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  1. seanbonner (unregistered) on September 4th, 2004 @ 3:33 am

    Everyone I’ve talked to in NYC feels like the place is under seige and can’t wait for this thing to be over..

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