At a certain point in the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden evening, everyone just starts with the “aaaaaay!” A table near yours does it, and then another nearby table responds, and then your table chimes in kind of jokingly, and then that whole side of the garden is bellowing and smashing their mugs together for no reason except that you’re all outside eating kielbasa and ain’t life grand.
And it is, and so are the vegetarian crepes, so if you’ve never made your visit, check it out. (NB: Try to hook up staying with a local friend. The trip back to Brooklyn, especially if you live out in The Territories like I do, is a long and potentially expensive one, and if you haven’t timed the breaking of the seal properly…yeah. Word to the wise.)
Not a big drinker? No problem. You can also engage in anthropological experiments to pass the time. My bro and I were drinking Hoegaarden, but we were also compiling the master list of Verbal Tics Indicating Drunkenness, including the following gems (repeat aloud in slurry voice for full effect):
1. “You know what YOUR problem is? I’ll TELL you what your problem is. Your PROB-lem is…”
2. “Listen. Listen. Listen. Guys, listen. Guys. Guys. Listen up, guys. Guys, listen up. Listen. Listen, guys.”
3. “I love you, man!”
4. “I under-STOOD you, I just didn’t HEAR you.”
5. “Do you want to hear my theory on that? Here’s my theory on that.”
6. “Aaaaaay!”
Feel free to add your own…

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  1. Em (unregistered) on August 23rd, 2004 @ 7:32 am

    My favorite is “Did you ever think (insert random innocent seeming thing here) was weird? Because it’s WEIRD, man!”

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