Confessions of the Fourth-Grade Nothings

(Weak hed, sorry.)
Lots of discussion on WNYC this morning about the social promotion story — namely that about the same number of kids who got held back a grade last year will get held back this year, and this comes after a ton of haranguing by the council and Bloomberg and blah about stopping social promotion.
Here’s what strikes me about this story, and it’s not the social promotion aspect, although I agree, in theory, that it’s not a great trend. What strikes me is that they pick these kids who don’t pass the tests, send them to summer school, and get their test scores up — but only up to second-grade proficiency. These are kids who failed the third grade.
It’s a complicated issue; I don’t think social promotion helps, but there’s definitely something to be said for NOT stigmatizing the kids themselves for the system’s failures, and keeping them with their peer group. I don’t know.
Anyway. On a brighter note, if you’d like to help out an NYC classroom, check out Donors Choose for a variety of class/school projects that you can fund. I donated some cursive instruction books to a third-grade class and got the most adorable thank-you letters from the class (in cursive! Aw) afterwards.

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